Democrats Better Off This Week Than Last Week--Timing Matters!

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    Other than Rasmussen, apparently there was no GOP bounce in the opinion polls. Governor Christie emphasized his own bi-partisan accomplishment. Clint Eastwood created the more more surrealistic appeal to bi-partisanship. Only half the Tea-Party legislators, in fact, showed up at the "bi-partisanship" event in Tampa.

    Breathe Easy: No Post-Convention 'Bounce' for Romney | The Nation

    So apparently the GOP establishment, "bi-partisan" approach is working(?). Mostly, the polls didn't change. The Republicans appear ready to get on board. . . .something.

    Vice President Biden is famously on the side of things being better now, than four years ago. "Osama bin laden is dead! General Motors is alive!" Rep. Ryan is either trying or not trying to explain about manufacturing--or no manufacturing--in his district, which is apparently not overwhelmingly Democratic, at any rate. It seems to flip flop a lot. . . .like. . . .Well.

    Doonesbury showed the famous 33 House votes on repeal of Health Care. In constrast, the Democrats in North Carolina actually have a record of getting things done, and even to point to! The Court seem to think it was legal(?)!

    1) The Stimulus Happened.
    2) A mini-Stimulus Happened.
    3) National Health Care happened.
    4) The Supreme Court opined that it was all legal and proper(?)!

    So people can now point to Senators and House members: "Why did you all of a sudden. . . do something(?)" What about the 'Good Old Days'?"

    Even Clint Eastwood showed the world how to take the Medicare card away, infact. First you get to the old guy to nod off a lot! Then you steal the Medicare card. . .and then the credit card. . .and then the check. . .and then the voter ID! Then everyone will be better off, than four years from now(?). . .and even forty years from now(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many young warriors go to vision quest: Better off than before. . .and loaded(?)!)

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