Democrats are Union Friendly?

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    Unions have their role of creating well trained employees needed by employers. However, they can't create job growth.
    Under Obama unemployment was high job growth was getting less and less.
    Along comes Obama Care. Union Health Care programs that were the Cadillacs of Heath Care Coverage were going to pay a very high user tax. The Unions protested the Federal Government's interference that told them what type of health care coverage they had to have whether they needed it or not. There would be no subsidies for Obamacare among Union Workers. There is no doubt that Union Workers voted for Trump while their Unions urged them not to vote for him. Some Union Leaders met with the Republican Leaders looking for their help.

    Back to job growth. Increased Federal taxes, regulations and Obamacare put a choke hold on job growth.
    Obama made it clear he was going close down all fossil fuel companies. He realized he could tax and regulate these industries out of existence.
    Unemployment is high when there is no job growth. It is the job of the Federal Government to create the conditions to further job growth. Obviously, this went the opposite way while the Dems were in control.
    All the DEMS running for the Presidency all stated they will do away with the health care industry and every citizen would have to have Medicare or nothing. This means once again that the Union Health Care Programs would no longer cease to exist.
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