Dell Computers & St Paul Travelers Insurance

Discussion in 'Economy' started by Working Man, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Both of these slimey outfits feel it is better to send their support jobs to India. If it wasn't about saving a buck, then why do it?? Are the Indians that much better than American workers???

    People who deal with India, for tech support, have been less than thrilled. Including myself when I had a simple question about a Handspring Treo. Some who purchase Dell computers hang up until a "homie" picks up the help line.. Now,, the CT based insurance group is outsourcing its IT group, 100+/- jobs to India.. (1-26-06 announced)

    How does the saying go??? We did nothing when they came for those people, I didn't do anything when they came for my neighbor, now that I am being led away who will help me???

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