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    In an effort to keep Obama from looking like the rhetoical "angry black man" the Democrats sent 'blundering' Joe Biden out to be the anger force inthe VP debate last night. Only one thing --- he spent most of the night laughing. Apperently, his belittling smirks and cackles were suppost to be the equivelent of dismissiveness.

    Things started off poorly for Joe as he was held to account for the intentional misleading of America by the current administration. Without a legitimate answer to why U.S. Citzens were purposely misled, crazy uncle Joe quicklt threw the intelligence community under the bus, falsely claiming that the White House was told demonstrations as a result of an seldom seen YouTube video were the reason for the Benghazi attack led with RPGs and automatic weapons.

    Despite non-stop ridicule and unprofessional, nearly unhinged, behavior from his counterpart, Paul Ryan laid out a clear bipartisan strategy to fix an economy that has befuddled the Obama Presidency from day one. Mr. Ryan kept his cool and delivered a strong message despite interuptions from the babbling democrat and his leftist moderator, who more than three times cut Ryan off mid-thought to save Joe from more embarrassment.

    VP Biden never mounted much of a serious offensive, other than being seriously offensive, and could explain how taking over 700 billion dollars out of medicare was a legitimate way to save medicare. Mr. Ryan explained clearly that both medicare and Social Security would have to face makeovers in order to be available for Americans past the next decade - while Joe cackled, as if suggesting that tax increases on the part of small businesses would create jobs and save social programs.

    After two pathetic debates, reelection possibilities for the failed administration is looking extremely bleak. With no positive record in past and no clear direction for future, many left leaning wackos are contemplating moves to Europe where hope for socialism still runs strong.

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