Dark Tower: Baseball Card Dream

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    Does commerce remind you of fairy-tales?


    An underworld warlock-prince named Alas kept various treasures from the empires he explored and conquered during his travels as a great swordsman. Alas was also a time-traveller and one of his 'relics' was a 1990 Sammy Sosa American Upper Deck baseball rookie-card. Sosa was a prolific professional baseball-player whose steroids-scandal embroilments gave his career an unusual 'asterisk.' Nevertheless, Sosa was considered a new age athletic 'titan' so his Upper Deck rookie-card represents fame and infamy combined in a dose that collectors of sports-intrigue folklore adored. Alas knew the Sosa card was a 'metaphysical treasure' and was delighted the card belonged to him!


    A vile adversary named Moloch wanted to steal the Sosa card from Alas's possession. Alas kept the Sosa card hidden in a fortified 'dark tower' in a land called Xanadu. Alas wanted to court a beautiful Venus-princess named Elana and bring her to his 'dark tower' and show her his luminous Sammy Sosa Upper Deck rookie-card --- a symbol of his curious exploits as a warrior! However, when Alas brought Elana to the safe-room in his 'dark tower' he discovered the card had been stolen! Alas did detective-work and learned that Moloch was the culprit. Alas realized that incredible amounts of spiritual labors were suddenly being afforded to simply this one American baseball card(!). Was this a sort of 'merchandise omen'?


    GOD: It's a shame Moloch stole Alas's Sosa card!
    SATAN: Baseball cards are market gems...
    GOD: Commerce valuates the aesthetics of exchange.
    SATAN: That's why traded treasures are so pleasing.
    GOD: Perhaps commerce will alter the appeal of antiques!
    SATAN: That's both the hope and the fear.
    GOD: Yes, you want treasure valuation but dread over-exposure.
    SATAN: That's the message behind Woody Allen's film Celebrity.
    GOD: Yes, obsession with 'dolls/treasures' is both natural and flawed.
    SATAN: I think kids like video-games since they symbolize synthetic reality.
    GOD: Synthetic reality is a 'face' of commerce (e.g., Fantasy Football).
    SATAN: Maybe Alas's Sosa card will be considered a 'pirate's booty.'
    GOD: Many will want to steal it and claim it now...
    SATAN: Well, Moloch possesses the card currently.
    GOD: Maybe all this fortune-hunting is a gamble/risk.
    SATAN: Nah, Wall Street consciousness is perfectly sane.
    GOD: After 9/11, the world's been paranoid about safe trade.
    SATAN: Perhaps the Trump Administration will fortify commerce boutiques!
    GOD: Is the World Bank a 'commerce boutique' (really)?
    SATAN: Liberals seem to believe it is...


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    /----/ I may have an unopened box of 1990 Upper Decks in the attic.
    1990 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa Rookie Gem Mint Bgs 10 Pristine Low Pop Rc
    1990 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa Rookie

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