Corporate Lobby Welfare Reform

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    The Republican Party and the mass media will use smoke screens and mirrors to deflect the American people from the real political issues. Taking the religious high road on emotional moral issues that effect only a few people?s personal lives. Ruling by majority leaving no room for the minority and their ways that differ from mainstream. Gay marriage and the abortion, issues are personal decisions that the Federal government has no business in, best left to the state, local community, family and the person evolved. To politicize personal moral issues will only polarize the public bring out the worst instincts in the human race.

    Not wanting to deal with the real issues and problems that effect all of us as a nation. They divert the focus of the real issues and problems through the politics of fear and not wisdom usually making the problems worst. There is more common sense and wisdom on the streets outside the DC Belt Way. The legal grafts by the corporate lobbies have hijacked our political and judicial system for what is in their self-interest.

    Real campaign finance reform that will affect the lobbyists the closes people to our elected officials is a good place to start. With so many of our problems inter connected and related so are the answers. The strongest lobbies are behind many of our greatest problems with the mass media being one of the king fish that stinks. What has to be done is not in the best interest of the mass media and corporate lobbyists for they are part of the big problem.

    The military industrial complex, energy, communication, banking, and the insurance industries lobbies are the domestic comer stones lobbies with the State of Israel having the strongest foreign lobby in the United States. The corporate and foreign welfare programs passed by their lobbing efforts are not usually in the best interest of the people, the nation and the people of the world at large. -David

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