Jobs, Education, Health Care, and Taxes. Why the Democrates will ruin our country!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kcmcdonald, Feb 16, 2004.

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    I was jsut listening to the democratic debate. A couple things caught my ear. I kept hearing it over and over.
    "We need to create jobs."

    Let me say this right now. These men have no idea what it takes to run a country. I'll address this topic and hopefully by the end I'll have made sure that noone in thier right mind will vote for a Democrate.

    1st:"we need to create jobs."
    Well no kidding we need more jobs, but we don't need more manufacturing jobs. these people are insane they assert that it is free trade that is killing american jobs. That it is NAFTA and WTO that is killing america. If these people looked at a calander they might figure out it is not 1970 and that america is not a manufacturing country. We do not make raw materials. We use them to make products. to think that we could bring back jobs that have been extinct sonce the 80's is ludacris. Why don't the canadiates adamit that people have to go back to school if they want a job. It's not the Govt's responsibilty to make sure that the blue collar work force keeps there job. It's the blue colllars job to stay technically advanced. Notice how no one's talking about tech jobs. Because tech. jobs are the ones being created. Quit being lazzy and go back to school. My dad it when he got fired why can't they.

    What these men propose is isolationism. It does not work. Those 2.2 mil jobs that left with the ression are never coming back. The only way to get those people a job is to get them tech. trained. But if you did that then there would be no issue of job's and the Dem's couln't have that. No a robust economy while a Repub. is in office not on their watch.

    Bush in '04

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