Compassionate and humane thing to do.

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    The thing to do about Illegal Aliens is what Hoover and Eisenhower compassionately and humanely did for American when unemployment was high and troops returning from war was to release jobs for them and that was to round up those who were here illegally and send them home. Once the deportation started most self deported and that open up jobs for unemployed Americans. Charity begin at home and one must take care of their own first.
    Illegal Aliens do take jobs from Americans and lower wages. The rhetoric of pro-amnesty advocates that hey create jobs and do jobs that Americans will not do is a blatant lie. Where are the jobs? Not only are they taking jobs but taking from charities and social services, food banks, etc meant for American’s poor. Leaving some homeless and hungry American families without. Doing these hard times professionals are cleaning toilets, mopping floors and flipping hamburger to take care of their families. Where they can find those jobs not taking by Illegal Aliens.
    Illegal Aliens should be rounded up and send home and do what many Mexicans are doing. Protesting against their corrupt governments for jobs creation. If they can create jobs here for them selves as alleged, they can create jobs for themselves in Mexico. I use Mexico as an example because most Illegal Aliens are from Mexico.
    We do not need a repeat of Operation Wetback that sent many legals back with illegals. We have a better identification system then we had in the 50s.
    Any excuse not to round them up and deport them is a pig that don’t fly. Yes we can and yes we should. It is part of saving American and the economy.
    Those illegals who have U.S. born children are receiving some form of social service ass’t. welfare monetary grants, food stamps, Medicaid public housing, free school lunches, etc which can sustain an illegal alien family. At the expense of the hard working Americans who are struggling to take care of their families. Where is the compassion for them?
    And pro-amnesty advocates say Americans want and welcome amnesty? BOHS

    With the debt we have we cannot afford to take care of the world’s poor.
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