Citizens United v Christian Right

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    As someone that is on the progressive side of politics: at first thought that Citizens United was horrible to my political thoughts. Now, I have changed my mind, as I think it hurts the right more then it hurts the left. Give you a few reasons for my theory.

    What is a business, more to the point, the type of business that will give millions of dollars to a Super Pac without blinking an eye? If I was a millionaire that had the money to give millions of dollars to a Super Pac, would I really be interested in being pro-life, or, be against same sex marriage in America. Not really, as I have made profit one way or the other during my life with abortion clinics: as owning a business or stock in a business, that rents the property to an abortion clinic. Or, owning a business or stock in a business that sells merchandise to an abortion clinic: it would be irrational that any millionaire has not done so. With the same sex issue, what millionaire never held stock in say a hotel or motel that now sells a wedding package to a same sex couple for their honeymoon?

    There is another issue, the business community is now starting to give equal employee packages to same sex couples as man and women married couples. More so, when the economy improves, as college educated employment will become so low in a booming economy: no rational company could risk refusing it as a package deal. Already, large international companies already provide some type of abortion package; it is just a matter of time before more large companies start to do so with same sex couples.

    Think about it, if I am a millionaire that can give millions to a Supper Pac: I deal with businesses that give abortion and same sex couples an employee package; as I know or do not really know I make profit from an abortion clinic and same sex weddings or same sex couples. Then ask, why as a millionaire, I would want to follow the Christian Right with their plans to make my less rich. The Christian Right says, my goal is to have fewer regulations, and I look at the ending of abortion clinics and same sex marriages as regulations that prevent me from making a profit.

    Right now, the Republics are going to nominate a moderate businessman that will be the richest man ever nominated from any party. He wants to make a profit from any of his business dealings. He also has made money and profit from abortion clinics and making money and profit from same sex marriages. If you think about it, the Christian right, the pro-life movement and the movement within the Christian right against gay rights: you are really not a player in the 2012 Presidential election.

    With a Republican president, just do not see in the cards that he will appoint a pro-life nominee to the courts, or, any Christian right nominee to the courts. It is not a question that the Democratic President or a Republican President in 2012 is going to pick a secular nominee to the courts: it becomes only who wants to keep the status quo that we already have.

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