CIA in Bad Need of Housecleaning

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    The CIA Needs to Get Rid of the Empty Suits, Political Hacks and '60s Retreads
    By Jim Kouri CPP

    Once upon a time, the CIA recruited men and women from the US military or law enforcement, at least for covert or clandestine operations; now they recruit on university campuses where students have been deluged with Marxist-Stalinist propaganda for four or five years -- perhaps more if they have advanced degrees. Catch terrorists? These fools couldn't catch a bus without help, let alone a terrorist or terrorist conspiracy. In a nutshell: They got no street smarts.

    One complaint often heard privately within law enforcement circles is that the Central Intelligence Agency over the years has morphed into a Liberal think-tank rather than maintaining its role as a strategic and tactical intelligence agency. Police commanders, who've always dreaded dealing with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, find the FBI preferable to dealing with over-educated policy wonks who've forgotten what they're supposed be doing.

    An even bigger concern is that the agency has become overly politicized and prone to leaking information to the mainstream news media in order to have an impact upon the political climate within the Beltway.

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