Christmas Season Terrorist Exposes Lie regarding Mainstream Islam

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Dante, Dec 28, 2009.

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    While the right gets in a cummunal wet dream lather over stupid claims from Obama admin officials regarding the status of the airline safety system, and while other critics look to put blame on individuals rather than asses blame and seek corrections for weaknesses in the system...this caught my eye:

    ''...his connections in London, where he studied mechanical engineering from 2005 to 2008 at University College London and was president of the Islamic Society.''

    The creep was President of the Islamic Society at University College London. WTF?

    Some family members and friends are reported to have said he met certain individuals while in London who put him on ... the road to Yemen.

    This is further evdence that we are living in a state of denial regarding mainstream Islamic leaders.

    I am not suggesting all mainstream Islamic leaders be suspect, but I am suggesting we have to do more to reach out to them and assess WTF is going on with Islamic leaders in the west who are from Islamic nations.

    then let the facts dictate our responses.
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    Exactly right. The Left's claim that "Islam" is a beautiful religion is bullshit. If "Islam" was a true religion they would have stamped-out the loony crazies murdering innocents in their name.

    Since Islam supports the terrorists, we have to assume that they are not a religion but a radical political movement, and they need to be isolated. Keep the MFs in the ME, we don't want them here.

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