Christ, as benevolent theocrat, versus the archaic American framers

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    Were Christ to have sought an earthly kingdom, I believe that he, as benevolent theocrat, would have made a better government than that of America, and its framers, respectable but dated men in some if not many areas, much as is that rather dated intellectual movement known as the European enlightenment, sadly having been reduced to rhetoric used in advertising to sell washing machines rather than encourage interpersonal enlightment (much as is the majority of scientific rhertoric and misinformation broadcast on mass media at the level of a 6th grader's reading comprehension).

    The framers were men of their time and deserve much respect in regards to their character, intellect, and ideas.

    Christ, however, was arguably far ahead of his time, an advocate of non-violence, of peace between those of different races (e.x. the Samartan and the Jew), and so forth, even in a culture like that of ancient Rome or Israel.

    It makes sense to me, why the framers themselves, powerful and enlightened as they mostly were, historical and generational ills such as slave ownership aside; why they looked up to Christ, Christ likely looking down on them, being on a higher plane entirely.

    This is why I regret Christ not seeking to be both a heavenly and an earthly ruler, a superior man he would have made to the more worldly and historical.
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    By leaving, Jesus gave the Gentiles their own era to accept Him as their savior. That gave you and I the opportunity to be redeemed, along with Abraham's descendants.
    He is coming back, and will set up His kingdom on the throne of His forefather, King David. And will care for Jew and Gentile alike. And the world will be glad for it.
    It is a good plan...
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