China Lays Claim to Koguryo, Balhae Ruins

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    At least two archaeological sites from the ancient Korean kingdoms of Koguryo and Balhae have been included along what China claims is a newly discovered section of the Great Wall that runs to the east coast of China.

    Lee Sung-jae of the Northeast Asian History Foundation told a forum on Tuesday that the remains announced a week ago by Tong Mingkang, deputy chief of China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage, apparently include fortress walls from Koguryo and Balhae in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces.

    Lee said a section of the Great Wall in China's Liaoning Province was also in fact part of the early history of Koguryo, but there is room for disagreement on that portion because it was built by China's Han Dynasty.

    "We have not been able to obtain official documents from China's SACH but checked the information on a website related to the institute," Lee said. SACH announced last Tuesday that the Great Wall is even longer than previously thought and stretches 21,196 km from the Uighur region in the west to Heilongjiang Province in the east, with some 43,721 remnants.

    Prof. Hong Seung-hyun at Sookmyung Women's University warned, "We need to pay attention to the resurgence of the view among Chinese scholars since 1994 that the wall signifies China's boundaries. The problem is that Chinese research into the remnants of the wall is being pursued without transparency and is not being verified properly. But it's increasingly being used for political gains, and we haven't responded properly."

    After reading this article, I felt China could have all of the things they want. That is quite scary imagination. As you know, China is one of the leading countries and should serve as a model in many parts but i think they have concentrated on showing off thier military and economic power and have thought how to have North Korea quickly.

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