Calls for Civility are Really more about Silencing Political Opposition...

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    Klobuchar signed a bipartisan letter led by Senator Mark Udall to congressional leadership calling for Republicans and Democrats to break tradition and sit together during the President’s annual address.

    “Our nation faces many important issues, and Americans want our elected officials to work together,” Klobuchar said. “Political courage in our nation’s capital has most often been symbolized by the man or woman who dares to stand alone. But political courage can also mean something different—the willingness to stand with those you normally disagree with for the betterment of our country. We can start by sitting together at the State of the Union.”

    Democrats and Republicans sitting together? | Alexandria Echo Press | Alexandria, Minnesota

    It is discourteous to the president and childish to have the audience broken into two opposing group; one that claps and cheers and the other that hisses and boos. Maybe we should do what they do in the first grade and seat alphabetically.

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