cabin in the woods

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    okay i am a horror movie fan....i like old b/w movies in general....and love old horror films and watch most of the new ones just for the hell of it....

    so i read the reviews of cabin in the woods...everyone seemed to like it...scarey with humor....gory....what you expect of a slasher i take hubby with hubby does not watch horror nor does he have an background in horror/slasher films.

    the movie was 1 hour and 35 minutes....a long 1 hour and 35 minutes...

    it does have a lot of humor but only if you have seen all the movies it refers to.
    i have, he i end up sitting there going....'ring'....'wrong turn' get the picture...

    dont waste your money....i wouldnt even get the dvd...i would wait till it hits the tv....

    it was just bad....on so many levels....and it could have been wickedly good...

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