British criminals don't commit gun murder, even when they use example....

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    This story would end differently if it took place in the United States.....2 unarmed, off duty police officers face off against 4 armed robbers....the robbers have a pump action Britain, where they banned guns and confiscated them....and even if they hadn't odds are this guy would not pass a background check....

    The outcome....the 2 unarmed police deal with the 4 armed robbers and don't wind up shot to death...

    Off-duty police officers tackle armed robbery gang as they raid jewellery shop

    wo off-duty police officers have been hailed heroes after confronting a gang of armed robbers when they stumbled on a jewellery raid.

    Sgt Iain McIvor was celebrating his promotion with colleague Sgt David Wilson in a pub when they heard screaming and shouting coming from a nearby jewellery shop.

    The Lincolnshire Police officers ran over and spotted the four men in Andrew Michael's jewellers in Newark, Notts.


    One of the four masked robbers pumped the barrel and yelled, "Get back or I'll shoot", as his accomplices rushed out with around £250,000 worth of watches and jewellery.

    Sgt McIvor grabbed the man with the shotgun in a bear-hug and began to wrestle with him in a bid to get his firearm.

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