Bozell Column: Superheroes and Slashers

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    In discussing the failure of "Kick-Ass" to sail to number one:

    Read more here: Bozell Column: Superheroes and Slashers |

    Now why do I put this is politics instead of Media? Because this IS about politics. This is part of the culture war that Hollywood keeps trying to launch on the country.

    Again and again, they keep trying to make movies that portray Iraq War soldies as animals. That portray Christianity as a psychosis. They promotes degredation and the dumbing down of morality.

    This while doing everything they could to keep films like "The Pasison of the Christ" from even coming to a theater near you.

    And yet, once again Hollywood is wrong on what the American public wants to see.

    Did they really think most people who have kids want to see an 11 year old girl swear so much it would make a sailor blush and be an amoral killer?

    Did they think people would take their kids to see this film?

    Do they not get that the people with the deep pockets to go see a movie are the age 30 and up?

    Or do they not get that this is an economy where most of the audience this film targets is OUT OF WORK, THANKS TO OBAMA????

    Cheers to Hollywood for once again totally misreading not only the public, the times, our values, AND the economy.

    Don't expect Hollywood to get the message anytime soon. They are as clueless about what the American public thinks as the liberal media.

    Which is why they, too, are losing audience.



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