Breaking News Blind Beast: Shocking truth about air defence system of post-Soviet state

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    What do we know about the former Soviet republics in Eastern Europe? Corruption, human rights violations, crime, poverty…and lot of old weapons designed to kill in case of war between communism and capitalism.

    Thank God, communism is dead. Guys from ex-Soviet states want to share western values. But the weapons are still there. Thousands of tanks, bombs, AA missiles…the more obsolete they are the more dangerous they become. In Ukraine this problem is critical.

    That was told me by my Ukrainian e-pal, Dmytro Kulinchenko. He is retired army officer so he knows whereof he speaks. He said the major rub is air defence system: “Our “Iron dome” became a rusty sieve”. The key lies in corruption and poor funding.

    However, this “rusty sieve” can be deadly for us. Dmytro said that Ukrainian SAM systems have problems with targeting system: “We’ve got obsolete Buk-M1 missile system with 9M38M1 missiles. We need money for new targeting system research and development. But our government doesn’t bankroll it; they prefer spend money on new yachts and villas…So, our soldiers have to fire by sight and only God knows the size of the missile danger space!”

    I was shocked by this story. Can you imagine deadly missile of great power which is blind?

    Who can guarantee that this blind beast will hit target, not civil aircraft, during playwar?
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    Kievan Rus'
    US congress has to stop wasting American taxpayers' money on Ukrainian Nazis and corrupt government.

    I'm from Ukraine and I know how ordinary people live there.They can't afford to pay for just about anything: food, medicine, clothes, utilities. Average monthly retirement payment is about $50 and salaries are terribly low and delayed for several months. All the money coming from abroad have been stolen by Elites.

    Soros puppets, installed there as a government after the coup are only doing two things effectively: decreasing the population and turning the country into an anti-Russian programs. And that's exactly what Soros&Co wants them to do and it has absolutely nothing to do with democracy the coup was supposed to bring (according to those who pulled it out).

    Kiev Is Fueling the War in Eastern Ukraine, Too
    (Foreign Policy Journal)

    Politician makes claims of vast corruption in Ukraine

    Investigation Uncovers Poroshenko's, Allies' Spanish Coastal Villas

    Ukraine Is in Danger of Becoming a Failed State

    Over $12 billion disappears from Ukraine’s budget every year, and global graft watchdog Transparency International ranks the country as Europe’s most corrupt.
    Why Ukraine Must Outsource Its Fight Against Corruption

    Americans have been carefully shielded from the ugly underbelly of Ukraine’s Maidan uprising in 2014 that overthrew the elected president and installed a U.S.-backed, fiercely anti-Russian regime which has unleashed armed neo-Nazis.
    A Look at Ukraine's Dark Side
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