Black ashberry (Michonia's Aronia)

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    As far as I know, these berries are unknown in America.
    Maybe I'm wrong.

    Historically, this bush with berries was created in the late 19th century by the Russian biologist and breeder Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin.
    He took the American bush Aronia and connected it with the Russian Rowan.
    It is very interesting, because plants from America and Russia have understood each other, but people do not understand.

    We have this bush with berries.
    In Russia, this bush grows on every land. This bush can be transplanted whenever you want, even in the summer. Russians believe that this bush serves as a "natural border" from a neighbor. They see these berries, but, as a rule, do not collect. These berries are loved by children .. as well as birds.
    The reason is that even the Russians do not know how to use these berries.



    I'll advise you.
    1. These berries are sweet and contain a lot of vitamins, but you can not eat much, since they "tie your mouth"

    2. To use them, you must do Compote!

    You pick berries, then:
    - freezing for the winter
    - cook the compote and store it in the cellar.

    I freeze these berries. Then, in the winter, we will defrost them, press, add sugar and cook Kompot.
    Then cool ...
    It is very tasty and useful.
    You will forget about other drinks
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