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    bill sold our nuke & missile secrets to red china - that got india scared - because red chins always attacks its neighbors - so they got nukes - that scared pakistan - so they got nukes too = welcome to klintonism

    when asked why klinton sold our nuke & missile secrets to red china = madeleine albright said - " why should we be the only super power ?" 14 april 1998

    where is mc carthyism?

    " betrayal " by bill gertz

    " klinton lifted the ban on nuke techonology to red china in 1998 " p. 156

    " klinton relaxed controls on sensitive exports to red china just to have a good economy " p. 85

    " klinton campaigned in 1992 with promise to end bushes coddling of red china " p. 81 = communists always run as republicans just to get elected

    " klinton loosened export controls on computers to benefit red china " p. 83

    there will always b communist countries - as long as there is a communist demokrat party & useless republicans

    " klinton took 80 billion dollars from our military every year and gave it to corporations & supporters just to have a good economy " p. 3 = this is why we had the attack on the u.s.s. cole = we did not have ships to fuel our ships at sea - thus the attack on the u.s.s. cole - 17 dead sailors

    " many in the (cia) quit because of klinton " p. 166 = how many (cia) agents r quitting because of communist obama ?

    " funds from red china went to klinton re-election in 1996 " p. 88

    " madeleine albright lied to the senate on 8 july & 10 feb 1998 about n. koreas nuke development " p. 123 = because n. korea got nuke techonology from red china who got it from klinton

    " the nuclear arms race on the indian sub-continent is due to klinton selling secrets to red china " p. 137

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