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    Hi everybody. I found the following article on the internet and checked out this song. It is awesome. If you are at all patriotic, you have to watch the Youtube video featuring this song. The best place to find it is at USA Patriotism, then click on song/videos. The song is 21 GUNS (Fallen Soldier). You can also just search the artist name on Youtube "Bobby Billings" and the video will come up. Just thought I would share. Thank you.


    A new patriotic song performed by a North Carolina musician is quickly spreading across the country. 21 GUNS (Fallen Soldier Song) by Bobby Billings of Wilkesboro, N.C. is quickly gaining steam on several blogs, emails and websites. The song has recently been featured on a weeknight radio show called "The Night Ride" with Bruce Hodges and is currently in rotation on several country and gospel radio stations in N.C. According to his webpage, he co-wrote this song with a fellow songwriter named Alan Gragg from Lenoir, N.C. It was inspired by a CNN news broadcast of a soldiers funeral. It just two short months, this song has received thousands of plays on Myspace and been featured on several military websites including USA Patriotism and ThankYouForYour Service.US. Mr. Billings says: "I just want this song to be heard by people who it will mean something to". Well Mr. Billings, I think you may just get your wish.

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