Bangladesh - A Muslim Moderate Country?

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    Govt asked to explain failure to stop fatwa


    Bangladesh: Girl, 14, Lashed to Death after Rape by 40-year-old Cousin

    Warning Extreme Graphic :

    Religion of peace? Bangladesh is a supposedly moderate Islamic Muslim country.
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    Bangladesh or East Pakistan as it was initially known was a part of the Indian Raj that India seemed glad to see leave their new-found confederation, it was probably the poorest of any Provence at that time, being poor is a common circumstance of primitive people and as we all know there is no excuse for that condition in this day and age of wealth redistribution,,, we are not prepared to deal with some aspects of the human condition.
    Why are we concerned with "civilizations" we cannot hope to control?
    Surely our goodness and kindness will haunt us the rest of our days.
    Everything East of Suez and West of the Malay Peninsula is a cultural swamp full of swamp varmints that can cause great pain if fed with a casual manner,,, ask Siegfried and Roy.
    Beatings, stoning, beheadings and female circumcisions are occurring to this day,,, what part of our economy should we apply to eradicate those practises in foreign lands?
    A word of advice never try to use your credit or debit card with a street beggar, you will only incur his enmity,,, he's after hard cash,,, or your watch,,, and that's the reality of the near East and beyond,,,, been there done that.
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