Avg entry level wage for college grad: $48,000! OWS has no excuse!

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    The Average New Graduate Salary | eHow.com

    If they were willing to take one of the MANY entry level corporate jobs that are currently available, the average 2011 college graduate would earn $48,000 a year, and if that person took a roommate in a 2 bedroom apt, they'd earn $96,000 total. Take $12-15,000 a year off for rent, and another $6K for power/cable/water, that would leave about $28,000 a year each for fun and paying off loans.

    But, they'd have to take entry level work, at a job they probably wont find enlightening or inspiring or stimulating. Like Enterprise Rental Car, or Boeing, or Target. Yes, a corporation.

    But, they have no fucking excuse except to blame themselves. Lazy, spoiled, entitled brats. All of 'em.

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