Are Your Ready For Some GMO's?

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    The current drought situation is ripe for more GMO (Gene Modified Organisms) altered foods to reach your dinner table.

    KMGH - Colorado Drought Could Lead To More GMO Crops - News Story

    Are there any dangers to people eating GMO altered foods over a life time. The FDA says no, but studies says yes.

    The Extinction of a Butterfly:
    Cornell News: Engineered corn kills Monarch butterflies

    What's Happening To The Bees?
    clothianidin : Kevin Trudeau Show

    This story does not included the fact that not only were the test subjects digesting GMO tainted foods, but were also ingesting Round Up Ready water to simulate a "life time" of a GMO diet.

    Scientists Savage Study Purportedly Showing Health Dangers of Monsanto's Genetically Modified Corn - Forbes

    Who's fault is it?
    Jeffrey Smith: Bush's Environmental Legacy on GMOs Is Irreversible

    There's nothing we can do to stop this genocide risk, but there is a way to protect ourselves and our family by keeping Round Up Ready and GMO's out of our diet.

    [ame=]The Video Monsanto Does NOT Want You to See! Brought to you by Nutiva and Elevate - YouTube[/ame]

    Help force Mandatory GMO labeling of contaminated food products.
    Send a message to your State Government at the Governor's Office.
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    Thanks for posting this information. I learned about GMOs from a woman on another board several years back and barely gave it much notice then. I found it a boring topic at the time. I woke up after doing some reading at the gym and then connecting with a woman who truly enlightened me about the whole disgusting matter of GMOs. Just seeing how GMOs affect wildlife should concern us.

    I have connected with others at FB regarding this issue which I think is helping to spread the word albeit not fast enough for me.

    Corn is one of the worst foods we can eat. Ugh

    Some of my favorite websites:

    Natural Society | Natural Health Solutions

    Take Action |

    I implore people to get involved and let our government know that we want and have the right to know what is in our food and how it is modified.

    Please look around these links and learn about what I myself one thought was a boring topic. No more.

    I work hard to stay healthy. I exercise and eat right so it annoys me that some foods I and my family eat could be harming us in so many ways.

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