Anybody BUT Rahm Emanuel for Chicago Mayor! says LA RAZA!

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    Ruben Navarrette calls out Rahm Emanuel’s political stunts. Rahm wants the Latino vote so badly in Chicago that he has to lie to them even though he told and advised President Obama NOT to tackle the tough issue of immigration reform. Just think, if President Obama addressed immigration like he promised, we wouldn’t have rogue states like Arizona and Utah implementing SB 1070 type of laws. Russell Pearce (R-AZ), Steve Sandstrom (R-UT), and more are on our “unfriendly to Latinos” list — indefinitely. Pearce and Sandstrom have no idea that immigration laws remain under the federal jurisdiction’s Supremacy Clause. They are your modern day secessionists.

    Rahm managed to piss off the Black and Latino Caucus when he was at the Hill, and he wants the African-American community and the Latino community to forget about his very serious mistakes when he ignored our communities.

    I sincerely hope that Rahm loses the Mayoral race.

    Anybody but Rahm Emanuel for Chicago mayor is our motto!
    P.S. Make a note that Representative Luis Gutierrez endorsed Gery Chico, and not Rahm for mayor. ‘Nuff said.

    The message reads loud and clear: The United States of America is for LATINOS ONLY!

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