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Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by walwor, Aug 31, 2004.

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    From an AP story, "Academics, newspaper protest revocation of Islamic scholar (8/31/04)," Moslem scholar Tariq Ramadan had his visa rescinded. According to a quote from a supporter at the CSID (Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy [sic?]):

    "Although Dr Ramadan has voiced criticism of some US and Israeli policies in Palestine, the war in Iraq (news - web sites), and US support for authoritarian regimes in the Middle East, such opinions constitute no reason to deny him a visa," the Center's board of directors said in the letter.

    Just once I'd like to hear that one of these Moslem scholars makes the news for SUPPORTING the U.S. and Israel. Just one Moslem scholar must support the U.S. in Iraq or Israel in its land. I mean, there are over a billion Moslems, right? In America, there are those who oppose and those who support the war in Iraq; in Israel, there are those who oppose and those who support the "Palestinians." Isn't it amazing how the entire Moslem world seems to be of one mind on these issues? A bastion of free thought, the Moslem world is. Yep. They're obviously not- what? afraid for their lives if they dissent? Nah, couldn't be.
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    I wouldn't hold my breath Walwor. While I think the majority of Muslims would decline the opportunity to meet the virgins early, the religion does encourage it, from all I've found. I would put the disinclination of suicide/homicide bombers from Islam, on par with Catholic couples deciding to ignor the edict on taking a pass on birth control. (I am _______________, but disagree with this _____________, quietly, but effectively. )

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