America's foremost enemy enjoys new growth.

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    "NEW YORK - The First Annual Communist Party USA National Conference, held April 16-17, reflected a potential new turning point for the CPUSA and the allied Young Communist League (YCL), its relationship to the working class and key social forces and movements and its growth in size and influence.

    CPUSA National Chair Sam Webb noted in his opening remarks the new level of receptivity and respect the party has gained in the labor and other mass movements, the growth in readership of its websites and the growing numbers joining, especially online.

    Webb also argued that for the labor and democratic movements to continue to develop to effectively challenge corporate power a much larger left and Communist Party are essential.

    A number of shifts have been taking place in public opinion, creating a favorable climate for growth of left and progressive movements including the CPUSA and YCL.

    Support among Americans for the free market system (aka capitalism) has plummeted in the last year according to a GlobeScan survey.

    Meanwhile class and socialist consciousness are growing, evident to anyone involved in the mass upsurge against the right wing. Pew polls show greater receptivity to socialism, especially among the youth (45 percent think socialism is a better system than capitalism) and communism (11 percent of the public thinks it's a superior moral system to capitalism)"

    Communist Party shows new growth: Can it be sustained? » cpusa

    I'll bet that all of the socialist members of this board have joined Chris Matthews in feeling warm wet sticking feelings running down their thighs after reading this article. Unfortunately this isn't a joke these maggots really exist. It is important to know what the enemy is up to. Click on the link to the communist party USA home page, and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the enemies agenda. :up:

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