AMB threatens PA leaders behind assassination of Madhoun

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    GAZA, (PIC)- The Nabil Masood Units, an offshoot of the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades has pledged to let leaders in the PA in Ramallah pay for helping the Israeli occupation in assassinating their leader Hassan Al-Madhoun in 2006.

    In a press conference it held in Gaza city over the matter, the group invited the Palestinian people to revolt against the "corrupt" PA in Ramallah and to Make Friday as a day of "revolt and anger" against the corrupt and spies of the Israeli occupation.

    The group added that Madhoun refused to heed calls from the PA interior ministry under Nasr Yousef to surrender his gun that costed him his life after a PA police officer gave him as a gift a mobile phone that was used by the IOF troops to locate and assassinate him few days later.

    The group also revealed that the police officer, who was found to be a spy for Israel, is now jailed in Gaza over the crime.

    AMB threatens PA leaders behind assassination of Madhoun

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