all countries are hitting the bottom this is my idea

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any other idea's

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    our nations economies are crushing all around.all superpower countries have nice industrial income.but ,instead of fixing it they gonna multiply it.we can't just print money America i know how run down the insides of our industry are,they are ran down for the most parts and their shutting more down ? i don't want to slam anyone but the thing is.we need to rebuild from the inside out and build them now.shut down those old plants that are dangerous and rebuild the entire thing.i know big industry does not want that.these plants are old and dangeruse.the hurricaines rip through the oil refineries making us pay more while they the oil big boy's are fat and healthy.keep running what you have but build new ones up higher away from the coast thats alot of work right there and it put's money back into everyones step.and if their gonna build these new nuke power house's stop talking and start building.the bridge's need fixin i agree but the inside's need fix'n also.if they would just come off the money and start rebuilding their plants .that put's people to work.not building more burger hut's for the unemployed..i think if someone up top would be the only one's to make that happen.but it would put us back on track.they have the money.....why not rebuild a new and improved process..a cleaner enviroment would also come along with it useing new technoligy..only way too make coal burn to make the stacks higher and put more water spray hose's in it.duh.thats where they get the sludge that silled the banks in tennessee..we need to rebuild it from the inside and do it quick..:cool:

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