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    Anyone wonders just where the money goes(?).

    Obama Raises ‘10 Deficit Outlook 19% to $1.5 Trillion (Update2) - Bloomberg.com

    Despite it all, the unemployment rate is expected to average 10.2% for most of next year, 2010.

    There will apparently be no "Cash For Clunkers," next year--but the federal legislatures are expected to crank up another $250.0 bil. of preservative spending.

    "Preservative Spending" can now be used to compare and contrast. Systems raising incomes about the same percentage across-the-board tend to failure. Federal Deficit is usually redistributive, and raises lower-end personal incomes. Private Sector credit is usually enriching for the already rich. Recently shown, private sector credit is at major risk. Rich people give it away to the poor. The poor can't repay, and so the rich houses crash.

    So there is the concept of, "the bail-out," usually with no strings attached. The failed systems get preserved.

    In a nutshell, poor people on welfare don't get big checks for fear they will drink. Rich people, by contrast, are seen to understand, about drinking, (and head for the medical marijuana prescription locations instead)! Even in the mortuaries, the people know about the preservative nature of what they do. Since the budget arithmetic is therefore, clearly intentional: Then so do the federal budget creators--know about any preservative outcomes, from what they are doing!

    The Vatican likes to acknowledge that even in the Holy Father's, Christian Hitler Youth: You just had to kind of chalk it all up to the times as they were! It's kind of like drawing pay, and keeping, and using the money!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Law, by the lawyers--(getting faced(?)! Of Any Clue, they have none!)"

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