ADP December Jobs Increase--Surviving GOP "Management" Concepts(?). . .If Any!

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    Bush-Cheney-Paulson famously created TARP--likely with deep basis in the Ivy League, of that famously, panic-ridden concept of business as is usual. Their likely economics source material can be traced to Maynard G. Krebs, of TV "Dobie Gillis," fame: Panic-Stricken over the "Work!" word. The Ivy League claims, however, to be able to read this stuff in books(?)!

    TARP had taken even more federal deficit money, and sent it off to the rich. Even the prospect of paying any of it back kept the United States federal legislatures up into the wee hours into 2013! "That's so Gay! We Won't Pay!" became some kind of mantra among the Republican Rich. The concept of paying any of the money back apparently violates one or another of their famous religious precepts. These they like to impose on others, even to the matter of who can get the rubbers, as is usual and commonplace.

    TARP became necessary subsequent the famous Ivy League example of mortgage banking, their way. Bush-Cheney had created tax cuts facing the Ivy League's concept of Recession avoidance. The 1986 Income Tax Reform had raised and indexed the standard deduction, and personal exemptions, in the federal tax code. The Clintons had done further tax relief, equal amount level credits. Suddenly nearly half the income tax filers had zero income tax liability. So the Bush-Cheney Ivy League went further on, and in the name of "recession prevention," then cut taxes for the rich.

    No Economic Stimulation happened. 19 dead no-accounts were atomized on a famous 9/11, and so the Ivy League managed to concur that the "Sky Was Falling," after all. Suddenly the atomized terrorists were everywhere(?)! Reagan-Bush defense spending, with what deficit there was, came back into fashion, again.

    So the Obama-Biden Ivy League, subsequent the TARP lubrication, went forward with their brand of Stimulation, and sent what deficit there was to the already prosperous bureaucrats, public school teachers and officials, and to the quarter-million dollar per year plus public funded university: Faculties and staff. This was thought better than sending it all to the already properous, bankers and defense contractors, instead. That, of course, was the Reagan-era brand, dubbed "The Trajectory," Apparently envied. . .a federally funded, "Entrepreneurial Spirit(?)!" The Ivy League was exposed for its belief in ghosts(?)!

    By 2010, the Republicans managed to take away the equal amount, "Refundable Make-Work Pay Income Tax Credit," modeled after Matthew 20:1-16, as an equal amount refund regardless if the filers had worked all the year or not. That was put into place as the response to the debacle of Matthew 25:14-30, wherein the lower income wage-slaves were even unable to keep up with the mortages--blithely ignored at GOP Mangement Levels. By 2012, in fact, anyone would say that the Mormons had become thoroughly confused(?)! The Republicans had taken Jesus Christ away from the USA completely--except the foreclosure crisis part.

    Still there were jobs being created, and that continued even in December, 2012, noted in the link.

    ADP National Employment Report - December 2012 | NER

    Republican management has more or less been sitting on the sidelines, in a record-low intererst-rate environment. Not much extensive capital investment has been happening. Sales, however, have been happening. The Ivy League did agree on the more expensive, 2% payroll tax holiday, after taking away the Make Work Pay, Refundable Tax Credit.

    Now that too, is gone. No discussion of making the payroll tax more graduated, so the rich would pay more in: Was discussed. The regressive flat tax was reimposed, and easily to likely widespread disgust(?)! New Jersey and New York noted that not even the storm relief had been discussed, in disgust(?)!

    The Ivy League clearly remains open. . . .and for their brand of business. . . .as is usual!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And so even now New Orleans is giving up its dead. . .unto the sea(?)! The Republicans rarely take credit for all of what Lincoln created, clearly: Race Riots, for example(?), as is usual!)

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