ABC News Zimmerman Video Re-Visited ... Agenda Become More Clear

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    ABC News Zimmerman Video Re-Visited ... Agenda Become More Clear​

    December 13, 2012 | Sundance

    As you may remember, on March 29th we were reviewing another “exclusive” ABC release of George Zimmerman at Sanford Police Dept, when we noticed something odd, the video was/is actually a recording of a monitor. Initially we thought that meant it was not an official release. We were wrong.

    ABC was given a digital Hi-def copy from the outset.We now know that ABC was the first to possess a digital copy of the actual CCTV recording. But they chose instead to use a lesser quality, and far lower definition, video. (This is what they aired)

    Here’s the story:

    [ame=]Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood, Bruises or Grass Stains on George Zimmerman - YouTube[/ame]​

    On March 28th ABC’s Candace Smith (seen left) was the first to gain posession of the video.

    On 3/28 she asked SPD for the video, the police department was initially not going to release it since the area covered by the camera view was considered a secured area and not subject to release without a judge’s order.

    However, an attorney working for the city, Lonnie Groot, who was tasked with reviewing all the requests for information, agreed to release it since it was actually on the city’s servers.

    Ms. Smith was provided a direct hi-def copy DVD; But for some reason she was unable to get it to load through their equipment (or so the story is told). Sources indicate she was quite agitated, and so, trying to meet a deadline, she went angrily to City Hall. Once there she raised quite a stink about SPD, not giving her and ABC suitable material, nor actually fulfilling the request.

    The city played her copy on their equipment and showed her it worked.

    Apparently, she was pushing to make a deadline to go on air and asked if she could just video the material from the city’s monitor. The request was granted. The video was filmed with a small minicam similar to the one held in this picture (above).

    So yes, even though ABC had actual physical custody of a direct copy in High Def, the first airing to hit the public airwaves on March 28th was video of a video. Again, Ms. Candace Smith was the first to gain access to this video. Subsequently, more media copies were made for all the requests that followed.

    If you recall, all the commentary about that video were framed to a narrative ”showing no injuries, no blood etc,” this mantra was repeated several times throughout the initial showing and then picked up by other media outlets using the EXACT same footage.

    Here is where the agenda shows, and it appears that ABC may have intentionallly played this video using a ridiculous low resolution on purpose so that no identifying injuries could be noticed. After all, this was the main point of their reporting on the “exclusive”.

    Again, the TRUTH is within the associations that form the agenda. Look. The TRUTH screams to be heard.​

    [ame=]BS Detector - YouTube[/ame]

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