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    raise glasses ~ ladies and gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I praise the United States military. Tomorrow will mark a month, the killing of Osama bin Laden. I spoke with my doctor this morning and he said to tell you:

    I know a bit about this from my time in the Navy, mostly from seeing horrible pictures of aviators still strapped into their seats after spending a few weeks under the ocean.... they are bloated and parts of the skeleton are visible as sea creatures, crabs especially, come in and do fast work.... so, if osama was wrapped tightly in cloth it might be a bit of a wait, but bodies in the ocean in depths where sea creatures live decompose rapidly and completely,,,, usually within weeks to months.... references follow...  LOCATION & THE PRESENCE OF CARNIVORES======Another factor to take into account is whether or not your body spentthe last 2 weeks floating at sea or if it died on the beach.Skeletonization is highly variable and can occur as early as 9 – 10days in hot climates with many scavengers.A body just lying on a cool shore for two weeks would likely be wellscavenged by resident carnivores; local dogs, sea birds, crabs,mustellids. Dogs, coyotes, wolves and foxes eat the body's softtissues, especially the face and hands. They also prefer the spongyparts of the arm and leg bones, pelvis and backbone.A canine-eaten corpse generally follows a 4-stage pattern, the rate ofwhich would be dependent on what carnivores are present and how farfrom human habitation the corpse lies (the more distant, the morecarnivores).STAGES OF CARNIVORES FEEDING ON EXPOSED HUMAN CORPSES STAGE 1 :  Front of the chest eaten, one or both arms removed. Facialtissues often eaten away.STAGE 2 :  Both legs eaten and possibly removed. STAGE 3 :  Only the bones of the spine remain connected. Most fleshis gone.STAGE 4 : All body parts devoured. The bones or fragments of bonesare widely scattered.


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