a question about charles whitman in free will / accountability

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    I picked this guy because he is the most extreme example. Assuming the stuff discussed briefly here: Charles Whitman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and expanded on in much greater detail on many sites / tv shows, etc, can whitman really be held accountable (by whichever god does judging after death) for his actions? once you lose the ability to control your brain/thoughts can you really be held responsible for it? I know that you have to be arrested and all that because you are a detriment to society, but I am talking about from a moral/religious/free will standpoint.

    less extreme examples are people with mental disabilities and forms of insanity that commit crimes will not 'all there' at the moment. what is their ultimate punishment or lack of punishment for such actions?

    Also, as an aside, I don't ever remember hearing (in 12 years of catholic school) anything coming from the bible or elsewhere about special treatment for mentally deranged people. I know that understanding of mental disabilities was about zero when the bible was written, but has their been any updates to this in major religions since then?

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