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    Hello Again,

    Well folks I'm guessing many of you are like myself and find yourself asking, is this as good as it gets? Is this the best both parties have to offer?

    Well I would like to give you all something to think about.

    What if I told you there is a better way? What if I told you we could pay off the debt in 7-10 years, and have a 1.275 trillion dollar surplus after we did?

    What would you think? Think I'm crazy? Think it can't be done? Well it can.

    Here's how.

    First thing we have to do is cut out Wasteful Government Spending.

    In my plan I identify over 300 billion of wasteful Government spending. This is spending that a 2003 CBO study identified as spending in which there is no real benefit for the taxpayers. In other words if we cut it out of the budget, nobody is going to miss it except the Government workers who are collecting a paycheck because of it.

    I also would cut the funding for The Homeland Insecurity Department. It has failed to deliver on it's objectives year over year, and amounts to just another Government agency duplicating and over lapping other agencies which only seems to add to the confusion as to who is responsible for what. We must make Government more efficeint and effective, not bigger and ineffective.

    I would quit Funding the Ineffective and Corrupt United Nations. This is a drop in the bucket at 1 billion dollars a year, but hey when your in debt every penny or billion counts.

    So there is 350 billion I have cut from the Budget.

    Ok now we start closing down the Tax Shelters that Corporations are abusing that allows them to hide their profits in offshore account letting them avoid paying their fair share of taxes on those profits. It is estimated that this is costing the Government 300 billion a year, in revenue.

    So now we have 650 Billion a year to pay on the debt.

    Now the final leg of the trifecta is, we return to the tax rates we had under Clinton, which allowed him to run a 236 Billion dollar surplus in his last year of office. If you recall the last year he was in office was actually not one of the best years economically, cause Greeenspan had started to raise interest rates, to fight off what ended up being a phantom inflation.

    So now we have 886 Billion dollars a year to pay down the Debt with.

    So let's do the math here......

    Current debt is 9.2 trillion. Divided by 886 Billion comes to 10.2 years.

    But that doesn't take into acocunt that as we pay down the debt we pay out less in interest payments each year on that debt. It also doesn't take into account the economic growth this will cause, by freeing up money to the credit markets, tehreby lowering the cost of borrowing but at the same time strengthening the dollar. A strong dollar is like a wage increase, a weaker dollar is like a wage decrease.

    So it is conceivable that we could see it paid off in as little as 7 years.

    At which time we would have 350+300+236+400 Billion which would total 1.336 trillion dollars.

    Ok where did that 400 billion come from at the end there? Well it came from the interest we were paying on the debt.

    So now we have 1.336 trillion dollars. The Debt is paid off. So now what?

    Wel we start loaning money to developing 3rd world countries to lift them out of poverty and help them build industry to break they cycle of poverty they are in. This is how we influence countries. This is also how we make money. We start collecting interest payments instead of paying them out.

    This is like getting other countries to pay for our Government, which is just the opposite of what we are doing now, paying for China's and Saudi Arabia's Government.

    Iran is winning the hearts and minds of those in Iraq because they are using their Oil profits to help rebuild Iraq. So they are having influence on them. We cannot afford to influence them like Iran can because we are broke.

    But thats kinda getting off subject.

    So once we start collecting interest payments, we start lowering taxes. But we must have a balanced budget amendment so that we do not get back in the position of having deficit spending. We must adopt a pay as you go system.

    Now back to that 1.336 trillion dollars..........

    What can we do with 1.336 trillion dollars?

    Well I have some initiatives and programs I would like to implement.

    These programs and initiatives will put more money in the Pockets of Busineses and Individuals. It has to do with enacting a National Health Care plan.

    By Enacting a National Healthcare Plan we let people keep the money they are currently paying out for health care premiums. This is like giving everyone a raise. They in turn they will take this money and buy more goods and services. Which in turn will create economic growth, which in turn will create more jobs, which in turn will increase revenue for the Government.

    But there is something else this will do.....it'll raise their wages.

    What???? Raise their wages how so?? Well I already said, by letting keep what they were spending on health insurance is like giving everyone a raise.

    But, when we create economic growth this puts pressure on the job market. Meaning Employers have to compete for skilled Labor. Well the one thing that attracts workers is better pay.

    Well guess what? They have more money now to pay you higher wages. Cause just like you, they are no longer have to pay out health care premiums on their employees. This allows them to be more competitive in the World Market. It really helps small business owners who are responsible for creating 80% of all new Jobs. All of this in turn will lead to even more economic growth!!

    You've got more money! The Small Business owner has more Money, and the Corporations have more Money! So everybody has more money and were all spening it like crazy cause thats what we Americans like to do!

    So all of this spending means more economic growth which equals more revenues for the Government which helps pay for my Health care Plan.

    I will give you the details of how we can implement a National Health Care plan, without raising taxes. It'll give a us a Doctor to patient ratio of 1 doctor per 2000 people. At a Cost of 30 billion a year for the Doctors Pay. Of course there is more expense than that we have to pay for RN's as well. We will have a nurse to patient ratio of 1 Nurse for every 1000 people. at a cost of 30 Billion dollars a year. So now we are paying 60 billion a year on healthcare.

    We also pay for your perscriptions. Which will cost us a additional 130 billion a year. So now were up to 190 Billion a year.

    But wait what about Hospitals? Won't we have to build a bunch of hospitals and equip them?


    We contract with existing hospitals to use their equipment and their facilities. Much like a HMO does. I estimate the cost of this at 100 billion a year based on how much we spend on Veterans Hospitals a year.

    So we now have a total cost of 290 Billion a year.

    Wow thats alot of money.....right? Well consider this we are currently paying 400 billion a year on interest payments on the debt, that we are getting nothing in return for, zip, nada, zilch. So if we can afford to pay out 400 billion a year on nothing then surely we can afford to pay out 290 billion in which we all get something for.

    I love it when the politicians or someone says we can't afford a National Healthcare Plan. But you never hear them say we can't afford to pay out 400 billion in interst payments on that debt.

    Did you ever notice that?

    But How do I control costs? And where am I going to get the Doctors and Nurses to work in these Hospitals? How much am I going to pay them?

    Well I'll tell you that in my next post.

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