5th teacher arrested in LAUSD

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    Los Angeles
    2 full time teachers have been charged with child molestation and 3 sub teachers have been charged with inappropriate sexual acts.
    (the 4th sub teacher was female)

    the LAUSD claims they fired 850 teachers "who shouldn't be in classrooms" last year

    1) i don't believe the LAUSD fired 850 teachers.
    2) if they did fire 850 there were probably subs or other minor roles.
    3) if they did fire 850 they might have been people with criminal infractions.

    California (and other parts of America) has been going crazy with background checks.
    background checks are now based on arrest records.
    if you have an infraction and the judge says it's not a big deal and gives you a couple of days community service, ...due to NCIC , companies have access to arrest records and they label you a big-timne criminal ...and deny employment.

    if LAUSD fired 850 people , they probably purged honest people who had minor arrest records.
    since technology doesn't solve crime, they probably can't figure out why the child molesters sail under the radar.

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    Since you didn't provide a link to your numbers it drew curiosity...

    1. The Superintendent didn't say they dismissed 850 teachers. He said they dismissed 850 individuals that shouldn't be in the classroom. People in the classroom would include teacher aids, teachers, and substitutes.

    2. While the 850 sounds like a large number, LAUSD has over 45,000 teachers add to that teacher aids and substitutes (which probably number 10's of thousands more) and the 850 number becomes very small.​

    850 dismissals of people that work in some aspect in the classroom probably ends up being some fraction of 1%.

    I work in HR for a school system and we done background checks on 100% of our employers for all the time I've been there (over a decade). When I first started, it was kind of scary, we rolled paper and ink prints to send to the State Police and on FBI and it could take 3-months to get a response. Now we take them digitally and have results back in 24-hours.

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