Worldwide LGBT Travel Alert

Lovely people .
But it would be nice if as many as possible chose to fly with Boeing .
That's right. Lock all of your doors and windows because they're coming.

Nah, I'm just kidding, they might be mentally disturbed people but I don't want anything bad like this to happen to them.


And just think not so long ago the weak n gay ones were insisting theirs no crisis at the border....

God only know how many have spewed .....walls and border security are wayciss

Sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary!

Im not even gonna flinch if some rag head suicide bombs a gay parade

Gay parades brought to you by Raytheon
Hillary even made excuses when that Muslim shot up the fag bar; the media avoided that studiously in their coverage.
The government is to be commended for issuing that alert.

There are a lot of insecure people (both American-born and foreign-born) in this country who are not necessarily secure in their own sexuality, so they like to verbally or physically abuse gay people.

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