Why Is North Koren Just Our Problem?

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
The Bush Administration was right in trying to get China, South Korea and Japan to see that a nuclear North Korea should be a big problem for them as well as the U.S.

From news reports this week that North Korea has apologized to China for its nuclear test, it is clear that China is the dog wagging the North Korean tail to keep the U.S. in line. I guess we call this political nuclear politics.

Why is North Korea Our Problem?
By Jack Kelly
October 18, 2006

As the U.S. takes the lead in formulating the international response to North Korea's (apparently fizzled) nuclear test, there is a question which ought to be asked: Why is this our problem?

In 1950, this was easy to answer. The fledgling democracy in South Korea was too weak to protect itself. North Korea was then an agent of an international Communist conspiracy. We intervened in Korea less to protect the South Koreans than to protect Japan.

But that was more than half a century ago. The Soviet Union has collapsed. The Communists who run China these days seem more interested in making money than in making war.

North Korea remains Stalinist, has a formidable military, and still dreams of conquering the South. But its objectives are peninsular, not global, and it has little likelihood of obtaining them, even without American intervention.

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