Why Do the Current Reforms in Mexico Have an Impact on the USA?


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Sep 21, 2012
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A very interesting article from the Hoover Institution that indicates just how important these actions are for us. One of the main things is this:

Net immigration from Mexico to the US ceased during the past five years as a result of the Great Recession (see my post “The decline of Illegal Immigration From Mexico"). If Mexico begins to boom, this situation might persist even after the US fully recovers from the recession. The end of immigration from Mexico would not be good for the American economy, but it would certainly tame one of the most divisive issues among the American public: how to handle illegal immigrants, and the inflow of additional illegal immigrants. Attitudes toward illegal immigrants in this country will change if there is a general expectation of a modest number of future illegal immigrants.
Read the entire piece @ Recent Mexican Reforms and the Impact on the United States-Becker - The Becker-Posner Blog

And here's a similar piece from The International Business Times @ Is Mexico Headed For A Better 2014? The Ministry Of Finance Predicts 4 Percent GDP Growth

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