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Which political party supports an over reaching tyrannical government?


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Jul 31, 2016
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Which political party supports an over reaching tyrannical government?

Which political party had a cult of personality that would fill up stadiums so his supporters could scream, cry, masturbate, pass out, and sing pop songs for him?

Which political party has for the past sixty years aided and abided the enemies of freedom and capitalism against the U.S. in our moral and just wars so that our men and women would come home in body bags and all mangled up to the point where we would loose the wars that which we other wise had won?

Which political party wrote law that no one knew what was being passed and did so in order to find out what it was after it got passed?

Which political party passed a law that says that the government is to force you to purchase something whether you want to or not?

Which political party passed a law that allows the government to make decisions on its behalf concerning your healthcare?

Which political party ignores the thousands of black Americans being killed by, well, black Americans.

Which political party is in cohorts with the mainstream media?

I think if you want to find someone hurting someone else for no good reason at all just because "like wha-eva" you can find those people. Surely you care, right?

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