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When does it stop?


Mar 28, 2006
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I had written this article a long time back in response to the terror attacks on Mumbai , India. Just thought of sharing this on USMB.

I couldn't think of a more apt title for this note that i've written. for too long have we been at the mercy of these brainwashed and violent scumbags. Now i'm not going to write something which you folks don't know. I'm just trying to answer the question 'When does it stop'. Now i am not really political when it comes to supporting a major party but I personally feel the congress is a lesser evil than the BJP. PERSONAL OPINION. Yes the major terror attacks on indian soil have been under the Congress leadership but if i could trust any person as the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy that would be Dr Manmohan Singh. Now coming back to the title of my note. When does it stop?

That my friends entirely depends on us. Yes you know that. I know that. But filing petitions , demonstrating on the roads and cursing our government and security forces is all we got and that doesn't seem to be doing us any good.

September 11th , 2001 :- One of the blackest days in American history. A symbol of America's economic might was razed to the ground by a few guys. casualty of around 4000 deaths.

America reacted swiftly. They dispatched their troops. Sent in the cavalry. Used every bit of their 400 billion dollar defense budget and a lot more. it took time. but yes. to my knowledge there has been no terror attack on american soil since then.

They used 'gatekeepers' on all their ports and entry points. Increased spending on Homeland Security. Drones , spy planes and their most modern airborne fleet were thoroughly used to hunt down terrorists. Be it in Iraq , Afghanistan or Pakistan. Surgical and tactical strikes proved useful in finishing off militants.

Then came Guantanamo Bay. Now people all around the world point fingers at the U.S for the inhuman conditions of those suspected terrorists. the prisoners held captive there may or may not be terrorists. But that fear of Gitmo has been felt all around the terrorist networks. Any terrorist would rather die than be taken to Gitmo. This i say after seeing the documentary about Guantanamo Bay.

So what exactly did the US do? THEY TOOK THE WAR TO THE TERRORISTS.

Now what has all this to do with India?....My answer is the same.

WE NEED TO TAKE THE WAR TO THE TERRORISTS. tighten borders and coastlines. Set up a remote detention center for suspects in a remote location. You may be thinking why is Akshay writing stuff we already know?

That's because there are many people out there who feel carrying out the above mentioned actions would make us no less different than the terrorists. Maybe. But hell..WE'LL GET RESULTS. and fast. Remember Munich? Remember how each and every one of those Arab terrorists were hunt down by the Mossad? WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THAT WHEN INDIAN BLOOD IS SPILLED..INDIA WILL RESPOND. that is an undeniable right that we have. First of all diplomacy has its limits. India should be way more stern with the United Nations and the U.S in such matters. To hell with the UNSC permanent seat. If saving Indian lives jeopardizes our chances at a permanent seat in the UNSC then so be it. We do what the U.S does when they lose their citizens/soldiers. WE CLEAN UP. internally and externally. If Pakistan cannot give us access to militant hideouts then that's their problem. Our agencies should chase them. If a diplomatic solution does not work out..and it hasn't uptil now its high time we shed our inhibitions and go after them. Just draw the line on civilians. The Indian air force has enough capabilities to carry out surgical strikes. Now you might be thinking what about pakistan? Well for that international pressure has to be put on them. The good news is the U.S is already cutting backIf Indian planes are not allowed in their territory then let a UN led force with indian personnel go in to catch those scumbags. And the United Nations has all the right to do that by the way. IF THERE IS CONCRETE PROOF THAT THE TERRORISTS BEHIND ATTACKS ON INDIAN SOIL ARE FROM PAKISTAN THEN THEY NEED TO BE ELIMINATED. Handing 10,000 page dossiers and waiting for a response will just show the terrorists that they can get away with it.

Yes i know its easier said than done. But lets realize one thing. Instead of squabbling among ourselves we should be stirring up international pressure. Our government has its flaws. many many flaws. not to mention numerous loopholes. For once let us forget scams & corruption and unite on this front. sigh..this note does sound like "too many words , but no action". I'm sorry. this is all i got. Unfortunately this is ALL the 'COMMON MAN' has got. But its time we stop being the abused. Its time to turn into the abuser. If that means showing no mercy to men accused of terrorism so be it. It worked for the US. It WILL work for us.

If you're still reading this then thank you for your patience. its a long rant. and maybe we haven't reached a solid conclusion. But its high time we put 'human rights' aside and become the devil.

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