What's Going to Happen to The Girl Scouts?

Road Runner

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Jun 16, 2021
As a former Girl Scout myself I was just wondering what is going to be happening to The Girl Scouts of America after all what's been going on with The Boy Scouts.

They've already been letting girls in and now that they're changing their name to be more inclusive, does this mean death to The Girl Scouts as well and they're just going to have one scouting group to include both boys and girls (and probably boys who think that they're girls) or what?
I'd just say given the path that wokeness, diversity, equity and inclusion has taken .. fuck the Girl Scouts or let males join it and dominate.

The Boy Scouts is now just known as "The Scouts" ... to be inclusive ..
It's difficult to predict what the looney tune far left crowd is going to dream up next. ... :cuckoo:

I don't think that we want to know.

Democrats and their minions in the media turned on the BSA (Boy Scouts) after they won the decision that authorized the organization to discriminate against hiring or appointing homosexual adult leaders. Maybe the same decision goes for the GSA or maybe they will have to tough it out for themselves. I like the cookies anyway.
What I also want to know is what is going to happen to The Boy Scouts popcorn, if they even still do popcorn that is.

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