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What America Received From The Porkulus


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Aug 4, 2011
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(Sorta makes you wanta cry, doesn't it? Especially considering the broad outlines of the $787 billion stimulus might have been written by Tom Daschle & Co in 1996 and bore absolutely no relationship to the economic reality on the ground of March, 2009. Then considering Obama's fiendish electoral deviousness he'll probably be re elected November 6, 2012 and the American Public will be faced with worrying if there will be anything left of this country to rebuild with after January 20, 2017)


What We Got From Porkulus

In honor of Comrade Obama, maybe we should rename this Looting and Mooching Day, since under his regime, ever fewer Americans labor — as these numbers make clear:

Zero: The number of new jobs added in the month of August…

9.1%: The [official] unemployment rate for the month of August… From March 2009 (the month after the failed $1.2 trillion “stimulus” was signed) through August 2011, unemployment has averaged 9.4 percent. Prior to President Obama taking office, unemployment had not been above 9 percent in 28 years.

31: The number of consecutive months the unemployment rate has been at or above 8 percent — the level the president said unemployment would never reach if the “stimulus” was approved. …

13,967,000: The number of unemployed Americans looking for work in the month of August, an increase of 36,000…

2,431,000: The number of net jobs the economy has shed from February 2009 — when the Democrats’ “stimulus” was signed into law — through August 2011. …

45,183,931: The number of Americans receiving food stamps as of June 2011, only the second month in history with more than 45 million food stamp recipients. Today, 14.5 percent of Americans receive food stamps, an increase of 40 percent since President Obama took office.

The total cost for Obama’s “stimulus” will reach $821 billion per the Congressional Budget Office, plus at least $347 billion in interest for a grand total of $1,168,000,000,000.00 — a number too large even to comprehend. It is likely to bankrupt America, which in return for the money received essentially nothing"

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