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WhackJob Bachmann Just Can't Sopt the Stupid from Falling Out of Her Mouth!



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Jul 14, 2011
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Yeah Ol' Howard was a riot! Now THAT was some funny juju! And y'all be some funny white people! Seriously, all ya got is sh*t from like years ago?

Whackmann's like a sitcom. New laughs every week.

I kinda wish the Left had an equivalent of her. Ahhh the good ol' days when Al Sharpton was on tv...

But no. Unfortunately, the true whackjobbery seems to be almost exclusively owned by the Right nowadays. That's okay. Given enough time, I'm sure Biden will say something colossally stupid and they can't keep him hidden for the next year...

Every single person out there claiming to be 'moderate' or 'independent' is so obviously and helplessly skewed to the left.
Obama himself has made countless flubs and received marginal if any media attention.

LOL! I get as much entertainment out of that kind of whackjobbery, (bold above) as I do from Whackmann or ScreechHag Pelosi stepping on their own tongues.

I mean, the sheer stupidity of these kinds of generalizations is kinda funny. THink about it. In this thread, I've already said that Biden does the same thing, that Dean was hilarious and that I miss the complete whackjobbery of Sharpton. BUT because I poked a little fun at this girl's hero, "I'm obviously and helplessly skewed to the Left" LOL! Wonder what might have happened if I actually disagreed with her an issue?!?! And sorry sweetheart but Whackmann said this today. If Obama or Biden says something that funny and stupid today, I'll be more than happy to get a laugh out of it - being the "Liberal" that I am.

Oh, and on that "Liberal thing", okay genius, ya got me! My stance is what on Unions? Gun ownership? Christianity in America? Entitlements? Defense? Ehanced Interrogation? Spending? Federal Powers vs. State Powers? Size of Government?

So basically, your post was based on a combination of two things: Ignorance and a little tantrum because your girl threw out some major stupid again. :lol:

It's cool! It's not like that's unusual from either side here.

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