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We do not separate families.


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Apr 20, 2009
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Reno, NV

We do not separate families when we enforce our immigration laws and parents are deported. Nothing stops them from taking their anchor babies with them when they are deported. Nothing stop them from leaving children behind when the come here or bring them with them. Anchor babies are not anchors as left wing idiots have claimed. We do not force them to come here and produce an anchor baby.

Lindsey Graham we are never going to secure the border, until we enforce our immigration laws against work place with the E-Verity system in place. Then they will self deport and immigration reform, amnesty, will not be needed. Amnesty is not the only solutions to illegal immigration. Border security is not a solution either.
Janet; “illegal aliens are not going away.” No they won’t unless we enforce work place laws. Why is it no one want to enforce our immigration laws and only want amnesty?

The only solution to illegal immigration is work place enforcement. E-Verify will solve the illegal immigration problem.

Lindsey want to put off immigration reform until the border is secure. That will never happen so immigration reform will never happen. That is another way to get illegal aliens to go home. Promise to deal with immigration reform when the border is secure. LMAO

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