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Warning Orders: Strategic Reasons for Publicizing Military Offensives


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
This piece from War on the Rocks surprises me. They've always been apolitical and this appears to be an attack on Trump's stated position on the subject.

Further, there are strategic benefits to publicly announcing a planned offensive. The first and foremost benefit is giving civilians notice that they should evacuate the city if they are able.

It also states that the enemy can easily see any build up so there's no way to keep it secret anyway.

Public preparations for an upcoming assault also hurt enemy morale and information operations.

And then comes this jewel:

Without advanced knowledge of an assault, there would be far fewer Western journalists covering the city, creating a vacuum where enemy propaganda machines could broadcast false claims of U.S. and Iraqi forces committing atrocities – a sensitive issue especially given the participation of the often controversial, Shia-majority Popular Mobilization Forces

Ah yes – the media. Knew that would be in there somewhere.

Full piece @ Warning Orders: Strategic Reasons for Publicizing Military Offensives

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