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Apr 12, 2012
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Supplementing the traditional urban voter fraud practiced by Democrats, they have recently invented and exploited the odious practice of "ballot harvesting" where Democrat operatives go to retirement and nursing homes and into ghettos, "help" people to fill out their ballots, then deliver them to the polls, minus the few Republican votes that may have been collected. All perfectly legal, of course.

Significantly, the national Party has now announced that they are going to push as vigorously as possible to have massive numbers of mail-in absentee ballots, claiming that in-person voting presents an intolerable health risk with these virus things floating around come November.

There is one over-riding point here: The MOST RELIABLE form of voting ever devised is a paper ballot, marked and signed by the individual voter who has shown a government-issued picture ID, and manually counted at the end of the voting day. It takes a little longer to tally the votes, but there is a definite count, a paper trail, and it is easily controlled and audited.

Every step taken away from this ideal makes vote fraud easier and more likely. Which is why Democrats are for ALL OF IT. Same day registration, drive-thru voting, new-fangled computerized voting machines, no (or meaningless) ID requirements, motor-voter, you name it. The ONLY REAL REASON for them to be pushing for dramatically more absentee ballots is to exploit the greater opportunity for fraud.

Don't let it happen.

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