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Nov 22, 2003
Yes, much improved over 'gun control', if the left should pick up that term again. Yes, links:
Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Victim Disarmament" Instead of "Gun Control"
posted 2:08 AM by Tom W. Bell

I recently encountered an alternative to "gun control" that I immediately embraced as a better term: "victim disarmament." Most political attempts to restrict access to firearms do not "control" criminals very well, leaving the rest of us at the mercy of armed aggressors. "Victim disarmament" thus describes such policies more accurately than "gun control" does. And, not incidentally, "victim disarmament" focuses attention on the policy failure that should worry us most: Harming innocent citizens who want only to uphold the law and exercise their rights to self-defense.

I thank Professor Michael Hueumer, of the University of Colorado's Philosophy Department, for introducing me to "victim disarmament." The term has been around a while, apparently. I don't think, however, that it has won the wide use that it deserves. Please help me change that!

(Long-time readers will recognize this post as yet another example of my interest in honest and effective rhetoric. In earlier posts, I argued for such terms as "lawmakers," "leftist," "drug war," and "statism." In those and other cases, I've tried to follow a policy choosing words that persuade because they reveal important truths.)
The whole gun-control movement has gotten waaaay off base. Instead of writing laws, or enforcing those on the books, that punish the irresponsible use of firearms, they have chosen to pursue a different route. 'Victim disarmament' is as appropriate a label for that route as I've heard.

The majority of persons owning firearms are responsible in their use and care. It is the minority of gun owners who fail to take that responsibility seriously that have led to this tempest in a teapot. Take them to task rather than punishing responsible gun owners.

I don't own any guns now as my wife can't stand them, having lost a family member to gun violence some years ago. But I'm never unarmed. I always carry at least two knives, and/or a small impact weapon, and a tactical fixed blade at the bedside...and am proficient in their use.

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