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UN Post Hit Again


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Nov 22, 2003
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By Hizbollah, no headlines. :dunno: Links at site:


August 06, 2006
Buried Waaay Down This Page

...of Hezbollah rocket attacks, Israel whomping on southern Lebanon and Condoleeza Rice talking about "peace" was this tiny tidbit of an afterthought ~ the merest 'oh, by the way..' ~ filed under "other developments".

• Hezbollah mortars struck the U.N. headquarters at Henniye, Lebanon, wounding three Chinese U.N. peacekeepers, said UNIFIL spokesman Milos Strugar.

Where's the corresponding WaPo headline like this...

Israeli Airstrike Hits U.N. Outpost
4 Observers Killed; Olmert Pledges to Allow Lebanon Aid

... when Israel hit an outpost surrounded by Hezbollah mobile rocket launchers? Hezbollah can hit the U.N. HEADQUARTERS and it only rates a note?!

More importantly, Kofi piped up yet? Outrage anyone?


UPDATE: Attitude wise, I was right. The reporter in Lebanon for NBC's Nightly News actually mentioned it, saying "...U.N. Headquarters was hit by a Hezbollah rocket that fell short..."

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