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Sixth grade creative writing.

I'll give you a C-.

Do you think you are 'normal,' whatever that is, or are you special in a way the run of the mill guy like me is not?
Normies are only one rung above planet dross -- The Sheeple .
You most certainly are a Normie and only around 30% ever see the light , though it usually takes them a long time .
Frankly I see no evidence that you have the breadth and depth to rise upwards -- it's that old chestnut -- far too Cognitively Rigid .
Try working on it .

Elon Musk, Alex Jones, Andrew Tate in First live debate​

00:02 Discussion on the reinstatement of Alex Jones on the platform
02:04 Alex Jones discusses his rise in media impact and the aftermath of a controversial event.
05:57 Apologizing for comments made on internet shows.
07:53 Discussion about media manipulation and raising money for gun safety awareness
11:48 Establishment lies causing widespread disbelief, loss of faith, and confusion.
13:45 Discussion on prior restraint and consequences of speech
17:11 Journalists have a strong monetary incentive to join PR firms, leading to control and corruption of traditional media.
18:55 Pressure Faced After Reinstating Alex Jones
22:02 Elon Musk's courage has broken the back of the globalists.
23:32 The only things you truly own are your soul and integrity.
26:31 Choice to grow civilization or decline and collapse
28:11 The need for expansion and freedom of technology
31:18 Resisting globalist suppression is crucial in this pivotal period.
32:53 Encouraging procreation for a pro-human future
36:11 Discussion on individual obligations and global perspective
37:50 History of manipulation and control with good intentions.
40:53 Promoting positive view of the future and dispelling pessimism
42:30 The importance of bravery and love in resisting control by the globalists.
45:44 Elon Musk prefers to focus on building technologies rather than running for president.
47:24 Elon Musk discusses upcoming inventions and the progress of Neuralink.
50:37 Twitter's manipulation of trending list leads to news manipulation.
52:22 Discussion on possibility of X being banned from App Store
55:40 Balancing laws, revenue, and external pressure when fighting for free speech.
57:13 Discussion about organizing an intellectual debate on a platform called on X
1:00:26 The need for an intellectual fight against opposing arguments.
1:02:01 Unelected world government is not a good idea
1:05:28 Debating the Aid to Ukraine and the situation in Gaza
1:07:16 Starlink usage for peaceful purposes controlled to prevent violent means.
1: 10:53 The X platform has the most reach and accessibility.
1:12:34 Discussion on the return of Alex Jones and Andrew Tate to the platform
1:15:42 Elon Musk's philosophy of curiosity and interest in programming and physics
1:17:24 Individual actions can shape a better future.
1: 20:51 Debating about the public reaction and constant questioning of past actions
1:22:23 Elon Musk's purchase of a company changed America's trajectory.
1:25:36 Efforts to prevent censorship and control by federal government.
1:27:33 Discussion about government agencies requesting censorship on X platform
1:31:09 Media Matters called for a rally and got banned for violating social distancing order
1:32:58 Supporting freedom of speech and democracy

Who is the leader of the New World Order?
Who are their members?
What authority do they have?
I never listened to Alex Jones on the WWW. But after reading what happened, it seems the suits against him are a miscarriage of justice.
I liked Jones when he would interview people directly involved in something. He would let them talk. It was primary-first hand info. I only did that for awhile. Not because he fell out of favor. I just never got back to it.

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